About Leanne

Leanne is a Psychodynamic counsellor which is a client led, non-directive therapy that focusses on you as the client.

Leanne aims to create a safe confidential space for you to explore what is happening in the present and allows you to make connections to move forwards to a brighter you and your future.

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Building Trust

Leanne is a compassionate, empathetic, open and honest counsellor that believes in creating a trusting therapeutic relationship, to allow you to feel at the centre of your journey and have you and your feelings validated.

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Training, Qualifications & Experience

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Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

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Certificate in Counselling

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Leanne has had experience working within an IAPT service for the NHS. She has also worked within a charity which is an addiction recovery setting in Staffordshire. This experience has given Leanne the opportunity to work with a wide range of presenting issues and seeing clients from a diverse background.

She has seen clients suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, relationship/marital problems, work/life balance, suicidal ideation and survivors of suicide, low self-esteem – and confidence – to health and identity issues and more.


Do you have a relationship issue? Do you or did you have a narcissistic parent? Is your parent overbearing and does not respect your boundaries? Do they lack empathy? Have you found yourself googling ‘narcissistic traits’ in search of understanding or answers? Are you questioning if you are in a healthy relationship?

What would it feel like to be more in control? How would you feel if you stopped the feeling of guilt? Imagine if you were able to have a healthy relationship with someone moving forward.

If this resonates with you – contact Leanne today.

Therapeutic Approach

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Explore the Past

Leanne begins by helping clients explore their past experiences and attachment figures. This involves delving into childhood experiences, family dynamics, and early relationships to uncover hidden influences on their current thoughts and behaviours.

Uncover the Unconscious

Leanne guides clients in bringing unconscious thoughts and beliefs into conscious awareness. This process sheds light on underlying patterns and motivations that may be impacting their present-day life.

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Embrace Your True Self

With a deeper understanding of their past and unconscious processes, clients can reframe their sense of self in a positive light. This newfound self-awareness empowers them to make healthier choices, develop better coping mechanisms, and move forward towards a brighter future as the person they want to be.

Membership and Certification

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